Touring skis

For touring skis, special skis are used. To ease downhill skiing in deep snow, touring skis are shorter, broader, and softer than alpine skis. The high-arching tip prevents the ski from sinking into the deep snow.

To facilitate ascending the piste, skins are attached to the skis. This prevents sliding back down.

The binding of touring skis is similar to that of alpine bindings, but also allows the heel to be lifted when ascending. But they can also be fixed in place for the descent.

Our staff will be happy to help you select the proper touring ski shoes and all the equipment you need. They can also give you inside tips about the best tours you can take in the vicinity.

One highlight is the nightly ascent over the slopes to the mountain station and the "Dance of the Vampires" disco. Every Tuesday from mid-December till mid-March, on the other hand, touring skiers can use the open and illuminated slope to ascend.

The aerial tram runs from 8 p.m. till 11:30 p.m. During this time, the snow-grooming machines cease operation for your safety.